To Geronimo & Beyond
Hello There! I'm Victoria, just a simple 17 year old Canadian Fangirl..To Geronimo and beyond! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Avengers, Supernatural, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Teen Wolf, Once Upon a Time, 90's cartoons and anything Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks. Oh and once I had a dream that Chris Pine and Chris Evans were my gay uncles and no one can tell me that they are not.
Currently working on a short story that you can find a summary of in the tab 'Story Time'.


oh my god I love these two!

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"Perfect is very boring, and if you happen to have a different look, that’s a celebration of human nature, I think. If we were all symmetrical and perfect, life would be very dull."  ― Natalie Dormer

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So yesterday I was at Fanexpo in Toronto and during my photo op with Matt Smith I may have “accidentally” KISSED HIS SHOULDER YEAAAA 

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cab for amy pond?

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the    i m p o s s i b l e    girl

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Jenna at the London Screening of “Deep Breath” at Leicester Square (23.08.14)

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The Flash #34

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Come morning light
You and I’ll be safe and sound

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"I believe, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamt of."

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Hooked on A Feeling. Blue Swede, 1973. That song belongs to me.

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