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Hello There! I'm Victoria, just a simple 16 year old Canadian Fangirl..To Geronimo and beyond! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Avengers, Supernatural, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Teen Wolf, Once Upon a Time, 90's cartoons and anything Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks. Oh and once I had a dream that Chris Pine and Chris Evans were my gay uncles and no one can tell me that they are not.
Currently working on a short story that you can find a summary of in the tab 'Story Time'.

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Hello I'm the Doctor and you've met Clara she was supposed to be having a nice day out, still it's early yet.

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Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (x)

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The suit and I are one.

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Iron Man or Captain America

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4/  pictures of Brolin

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Have you ever had someone take your brain and play? Take you out and stuff something else in? You know what it’s like to be unmade?

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i will be here when you think you’re all alone / seeping through the cracks
i’m the poison in your bones

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rescue me chin boy, and show me the stars

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Does it ever bother you, Amy, that your life doesn't make any sense?
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Make me choose

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